Since 1983, we’ve been a pioneer in solid surfacing, known for our unbridled passion and spirited innovations.

Over the years, our customers have helped us establish new product benchmarks, including realistic textures, recycled products, and rich collections inspired by glass, concrete, precious metals, and other natural materials as time passed, our surfaces became international favorites in leading hotels, resorts, specialty restaurants, and unique corporate environments. Today, we’re equally well known for distinctly personal residential projects.

26 versatile acrylic products, uniquely suited for a variety of applications, including furniture, countertops, and thermoforming. An affordable and durable alternative to laminate.

FOUNDATIONS™ advanced acrylic surfaces celebrate nature’s own earth tones and vivid accents.

The STUDIO COLLECTION™ celebrates visionary colors, realistic textures, recycled products and rich groupings inspired by glass, concrete, precious metals, and an eclectic array of natural materials.

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